About Waterfront I Apartments in Old City

The Waterfront I Old City apartments for rent have a significant history that coincides with the vibrancy of the historic neighborhood. As a prominent landmark, this 18th-century building was once the center of colonial Philadelphia and home to statesmen, bankers, merchants, residences, shops, and warehouses through the years.

Old City Culture

Each of our Waterfront I Old City apartments is awash in artistic character. Cornices, iron columns, and exposed brick preserve the buildings’ colonial charm, while gourmet kitchens and contemporary amenities upgrade these units for the modern century. On a peaceful street that offers striking views of the Delaware River waterfront, our apartments provide a distinct living environment for distinct lifestyles.

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Waterfront I Old City Philadelphia Apartments
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The Chocolate Works
Sharples Works
Shadyside Commons
Trinity Row
Waterfront I
Waterfront II
The Metropolitan
Packard Motor Car Building